Material Specifications

Eaves Water System has developed sophisticated manufacturing processes to form an extremely strong single piece gutter or eaves trough profile from .55 mm steel. The Colorbond ® coating will ensure your Eaves Water System will stand the test of time. All corners, joiners, downpipe connectors and end caps are available colour matched to your colour selection. Moulded components are all precision injection moulded from high quality, long life, UV stabilized  STAREX ® ASA material.

ASA WR 9120 Samsung STAREX®
Material Data Summary

ASA is the latest development in strong high impact grade plastic materials. The Butadiene used in ABS plastics is substituted with Acrylic Rubber. This adds Weather Resistance to the good balance of Mechanical Properties and excellent Colourability.
ASA is used in the manufacture of Automotive Components, Building Materials and Electrical goods.

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