Alternative Materials

Eaves Water System has the capability and supply of raw materials to produce our products in a range of alternative materials and colours to meet virtually any conceivable design requirement.


Timeless. Elegant. Stunning. The superlatives are endless for the most exquisite of materials. Initially designed and crafted to suit heritage buildings, our copper products are also being installed in new buildings designed with a keen eye for show-stopping detail. Copper's longevity is unparalleled, its beauty unmatched. A true premium material, for the most premium of applications.


COLORBOND® Ultra has been specifically designed for applications within close range of salt water. If you can smell the salt in the air or can detect salt spray in the air,  COLORBOND®  Ultra provides you with the necessary  additional corrosion resistance to provide for longevity.

Stainless Steel

Whether you are interested in absolute corrosion resistance without the outlay of copper, or you desire a stunning lustrous finish, stainless steel should be at the top of your list.


The raw, rugged, unpainted finish of ZINCALUME® is suitable to a range of applications, especially commercial and industrial applications.

Alternative Steel Manufacturers

While COLORBOND® has a large range of colours to satisfy most customers, their extensive colour pallette is missing some colours which are still prevalent in existing buildings. For such unique applications where a close match is not sufficient, we stock steel from alternative steel manufacturers which are painted to suit such specific needs.

Custom Powder Coating

Looking for a finish that stands out from the pack? Looking for fluoro colours? Or maybe metallic finishes?
Eaves Water System is able to be custom powder coated in virtually any colour and finish imaginable. Check out the endless range of colours and finishes available:

Dulux®  |  Interpon  |  Jotun


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