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In most cases we can provide an estimate with just a few details about your home.
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Why Does Eaves Work so well

Eaves Water System relies on the unique profile shape and the natural physical properties of flowing water to prevent the majority of foreign matter ever entering the gutter. Being enclosed is the most crucial point to the design as most unwanted items enter the gutter or trough not when it is raining but simply fall or are blown into the wide opening on the top of most existing gutters. The laminar flow of water and the unique profile of the Eaves Water System directs the water back into the enclosed gutter or eaves trough and the leaves and debris fall to the ground eliminating the common issues of clogged eaves troughs and gutters.

Benefits of Rain Harvesting

Only clean clear rain water enters the Eaves Water System making it ideal for Rain Harvesting applications. Filtration systems can be simpler in design, cleaning and maintenance cycles are extended and filter replacement cost substantially reduced. Eaves Water System is designed to collect only the water. With no open trough or gutter profile and only an 8mm opening leaves, debris, animals and pests simply cannot enter the gutter.  Foreign debris can no longer make its way further into your rain water drainage system and cause contamination and blockages.

How Eaves can help protect against Fire

In fire prone areas burning embers landing in clogged gutters have been responsible for major property damage. In cold climates ice dams and snow build up and high winds up can be equally as destructive.Eaves Water System provides a safe strong solution.

How Eaves can Protect and Save

Gutters and eaves troughs must be attached to the building following the roofline and as a result are rarely easy to access and keep clean. Eaves Water System prevents your gutters from becoming clogged or blocked gutters. Blocked gutters can cause damage to your home or business and cleaning them can be dangerous and or expensive.

Manufacture and Distribution opportunities

Opportunities exist to join the Eaves Water System Team in various roles including Manufacture, Distribution and Installation
Please contact us for further details about how you may become a valuable business partner.


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