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How It Works.

Protect your home with Eaves Water System, a modern and efficient solution that replaces traditional gutters. It directs water around its front curved edge and into a narrow 8mm slot, preventing leaves, debris, and pests from entering your gutters. Trust the performance and durability of Eaves Water System for your home.

Problem: Traditional guttering

Traditional guttering lets leaves and debris in.

Solution: Eaves Water System

Eaves Enclosed System only lets water in and keeps debris out.

Modern Design.

Eaves Water System uses a unique registered design that applies the laminar flow principle to direct all water around the curved front edge and into the 8 mm wide slot, collecting rain water from the roof and directing it safely away from the building.

Eaves water system is a premium Australian made gutter solution patented worldwide, manufactured using Australian COLORBOND® steel. 

How Eaves is Made.

Witness the remarkable process of creating Eaves Water System. Roll formed in Australia from one seamless piece of COLORBOND® steel, the unqiue enclosed design allows only water to enter the gutter, keeping out leaves and debris. 

Key Benefits.

Eaves water system has become the product of choice to a wide spectrum of customers whether you are designing your new home, renovating, dealing with water problems or wanting to reduce maintenance. 

Protect Your Home

No matter the weather conditions - torrential rain, hail storms, strong winds, or heavy snowfalls.

Trust Eaves Water System to effectively collect all the rain water from your roof and safeguard your home.

Harvest More Water

Ensure the purity of your water supply and prevent contaminants from entering with Eaves Water System.

Say goodbye to rotting vegetation, pests, and other debris, and provide your family with clean safe water.

Avoid Danger

Avoid risky trips up the ladder to clean your gutters. Your gutters stay clean and clear of obstructions, allowing you to stay safely on the ground.

Enjoy the hassle-free maintenance and peace of mind.

Reduce Fire Risk

Protect your home from the dangers of flying embers during bush fires by choosing Eaves Water System with COLORBOND® steel.

With it's exceptional fire-resistant properties, Eaves design provides an additional layer of defense, minimising the risk from bush fire ember attack and potential damage to your property. 

Prevent Flooding

Protect your home from water damage caused by overflowing and flooded gutters. Debris buildup and blockages are a thing of the past.

Our fully enclosed metal profile ensures that rainwater will always flow safely away from your home and into the gutter.

Save Time and Money

Boost the value of your most valuable asset while eliminating ongoing maintenance costs. Eaves Water System is manufactured using trusted materials like COLORBOND® and ASA Plastic.

The strength, durability, and long lifespan of Eaves Water System will add value to your property with an Australian product  you can trust.

From the minute we contacted the team at Eaves Water System we knew we were in good hands! Our 128 year old dream retirement home needed a lot of TLC and we aren't getting any younger. Deciding to have the Eaves Water System was the best decision we ever made. No need to worry about having to climb ladders to clean gutters - so more time to enjoy life. The team are perfectionists! Their product perfect. Having the Eaves Water System means no more pests or waste in the guttering. The fire-resistant properties meant our renovation certification went smoother and we can now harvest clean water. The Eaves Water System and enhances the heritage value of our home and functions perfectly. Thanks again.
Queensland Australia  Peter Raftos
The customer service from Rohan was phenomenal, truly some of the best I have received in the construction industry. From our first discussion to install was about 12 months, with Rohan assisting us throughout the process. Our builder did not have a contractor capable of installing the system, so Rohan organised the crew to come down from Sydney to manage the install for us. Our gutters look amazing and we can't wait to move in and watch them in action!
Australia, New South Wales  Teagan Valeri

Explore the experiences of our satisfied customers.

Read our reviews and see why Eaves Water System is the trusted choice for superior guttering solutions. Discover the difference in quality, durability, and performance firsthand. Don't just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.

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Leave a review here